Two Membership Options to Meet Your Family's Unique Needs

* uKnowKids can usually provide you access to deleted messages on Android mobile phones, but not always. If the child deletes a message before uKnowKids' frequent update processes, uKnowKids may be unable to recover the deleted message on the Android mobile phone.


Android Phone Monitoring

  • Android SMS text messages, and MMS text messages sent, received and deleted *
  • Android phone calls made, received and missed
  • Android contacts
  • Android installed mobile applications
  • Photos taken with Android devices
  • Android device locations

Facebook Monitoring

  • Facebook status updates, status messages, checkins, events and link posts
  • Facebook photos and videos posted or tagged in
  • Facebook likes and comments
  • Facebook friends

Twitter Monitoring

  • Twitter tweets and replies including images
  • Twitter direct messages
  • Twitter friends and followers

Instagram Monitoring

  • Instagram posts including images
  • Instagram comments made and received
  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers

Social Network Discovery

  • Deep web social scanning for “hidden” and "secret" public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bebo, Foursquare, Habbo, Gaia, XBOX Live, Formspring, LinkedIn, Tumblr, LastFM, Flickr and YouTube

ALL PREMIER features plus...

Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Monitoring - iOS 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

  • Apple iMessages, SMS text messages, and MMS text messages sent, received and deleted
  • Apple phone, Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp and Viber calls made, received and missed
  • Apple iOS contacts
  • Apple iOS installed mobile applications
  • Photos and videos shared via Apple iMessage or text message
  • Photos taken with Apple devices
  • Apple device locations
  • Mobile web browsing and search histories

Premier Plus Apple

Premier Plus Apple





Membership Pricing

  • It is completely risk-free to try uKnowKids because we give you a 7 day FREE Trial Period.
  • You can cancel any time with no questions asked.
  • All uKnowKids memberships are family memberships that provide protection for up to 8 kids per family.
  • You do NOT need to "jailbreak" your child's phone to use uKnowKids!
  • You do NOT need to install anything on your child's iPhone, iPad or iPod to monitor their iMessages and text messages. uKnowKids is invisible to the child because we utilize your child's iCloud Backups rather than a mobile app to gather data.
  • For Android mobile devices, you need to install the uKnowMobile app on the Android phone to monitor text messages.
  • uKnowKids DOES enable you to see photos on the child's phone as well as photos sent and received via iMessage and text message.
  • uKnowKids can help you find hidden or "secret" public social networking profiles of your kids online.

$10 / month

$100 / year

$180 one-time




$10 / month
+ $60 one-time

$100 / year
+ $60 one-time

$240 one-time